Half Girlfriend-Book Review

Half Girlfriend


Half Girlfriend


Chetan Bhagat

Release date:

October 2014



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'Half Girlfriend' is a book written by Chetan Bhagat. The book covers the love story of Madhav & Riya,2 people from totally different backgrounds. Madhav is a regional man whereas Riya is from a rich Marwari family.Though they are totally different from each other, there's somthing which links them together.

Madhav wants a relationship with Riya, however, Riya wanted them to be friends. They finally came to a conclusion. Riya could be Madhav's half-girlfriend.

What I like about the story:

  1. Emotions of character like Madhav and Riya explain their personalities and the author has conveyed it well.
  2. Life in the real India, especially in the rural areas is explained. Power shortages, peoples' mindsets, child labour is all described.
  3. The US landscape has been done better than any other setting in the story. A sense of direction in evolved and the easiness of the system is explained. The author has particularly described every detail perfectly and I think it is a plus point.
  4. Certain families' systems in India are well explained. The rich people drink a lot, talk business most of the time. The wives wear rich clothes but they are only allowed Indian dresses. The wife and the husband's mother has a fight. It is not meant in general but is a thing which could be happening in India.
  5. The story has so much moral value in it, if thought in depth. It teaches us not to fall under money, business and work. Money and lush life may not bring happiness. It also makes a point women could wear their style of clothing and that it should not be controlled.
  6. The author shows a distinction of language and approach of Madhav and Riya from their college life and their future. A maturity seems to see into both of them. Madhav controls his offensive language and makes a decent approach to Riya, comparing to his aggressive and quickening one at college. His mindset changes too, as he cares more about Riya and is not desperate in conveying his love for her. Riya keeps it calm too compared to her college life.

What I don't like about the story:

  1. Madhav's and Riya's college life is not much discussed except their personal matters. No exams or preaparations or such things as ragging were mentioned. Though this is a love story, it would have been nice to include these.
  2. Madhav's school was initially described well. However, later, fast forward to the end of story, you realize after the grant programme, there hasn't been much description of the changes except the fact that that was one of the best schools. Even then, the category in which Dumraon Royal School was popular at is not clearly specified. Any change in staff or students is also not specified.
  3. I think Madhav showed less concern in Riya at college. He said he loved her, still didn't care much about her matters then.
  4. Madhav's internship could have been more described, e.g. what his job progress was at intermediate stage, the data he had to work with, colleagues, work pattern, etc.

Eventually the story is fun to read and it resembles one of Chetan's many topics. The story takes place in 3 different places, and all 3 if them has its own interesting story to tell. I liked that all of them had Riya Somani in it, because, after all eventually it's a love story. I also liked Chetan's description of NYC. The lifestyle and design of the city comes to be felt in your mind. Anyway, good book. And like Chetan's other books, I wouldn't recommend it for a person under 12.