The first year of a wonderful journey:

An entire year has passed by since Critical Book Reviews has been created! What a joy! The day when I launched this website on January 1, 2019, at 12 am PST still seems like yesterday. It has been a riveting experience to see this site complete its first year and it has been quite a pleasure for me to review 17 books in 2019. As the year has passed, through quality feedback, I have been able to address some important issues in the website and it is thus you guys, the audience who have continuously helped in the betterment of this site. It would thus be quite enlightening and gratifying to receive more such feedbacks so that this website can truly celebrate the world of books.

For the last few months, I have also started reading in a language that I can truly claim my own, and thus, this site is integrating a multi-lingual experience within it. As we move through this journey, let us expect to develop this experience.

I think it would be honest to let the readers know that the next 3 months would be static on this website due to the examinations that I would be attending to during this while. I am apologetic for the delay. But a slow and steady bunny wins the race.

If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions for this website, make sure to visit the ‘Contact’ page for more information. It is truly the readers, that is you, that will truly help bring this website to its fulfillment.

So, within this heartening pleasure of celebrating the 1st anniversary of Critical Book Reviews, let us strive for yet another year. A promising future introducing much new content is waiting. Again, thanks to you all.

Yours truthfully,
Aadithya Varma